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Ortofon Stylus MkII MIX (Black/Green) for MkII MIX Cartridge

Ortofon Stylus MkII MIX (Black/Green) for MkII MIX Cartridge

  • Label: Ortofon
  • Label: Stylus
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Stylus MkII MIX (Black/Green) for MkII MIX Cartridge

The Stylus MkII MIX offers a tactile feedback when seating, indicating a snug and secure fit, while a cut-out area in the front allows for far more accurate needle drops. 

Main Features

  • Stylus MkII MIX
  • Larger, wider and more robust stylus body
  • Easier to grip and handle
  • Better fix by metal spring
  • Tactile feedback of correct mount
  • Large stylus viewing cut-out

Product Specifications


  • Output voltage at 1000Hz, 5cm/sec.: 6 mV
  • Channel balance at 1kHz: 1,5 dB
  • Channel separation at 1kHz: 20 dB
  • Channel separation at 15 kHz: 15 dB
  • Frequency range at -3dB: 20-20.000 Hz
  • Tracking ability at 315 Hz at recommended tracking force: 100 μm
  • Compliance, dynamic lateral: 14 μm/m N
  • Stylus type: Spherical R 18 μm

Physical & Dimensions

  • Tracking force range: 2-4g
  • Tracking force recommended: 3g

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