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DJM-250MK2 2Ch DJ Mixer with USB and On-Board Effects BLACK
DJM-250MK2 2Ch DJ Mixer with USB and On-Board Effects BLACK
DJM-250MK2 2Ch DJ Mixer with USB and On-Board Effects BLACK
DJM-250MK2 2Ch DJ Mixer with USB and On-Board Effects BLACK
Pioneer DJ

DJM-250MK2 2Ch DJ Mixer with USB and On-Board Effects BLACK

  • Label: DJ mixer
  • Label: Pioneer DJ
  • Cat No: DJM-250MK2
Regular price £349.00

Main Features

  • Inherits prestigious features from the legendary DJM-900NXS2
  • Clear yet very intuitive layout for simple and seamless mixing
  • Features Pioneer DJ's robust MAGVEL faders to ensure smooth longterm use
  • 3-band isolaters for mixing precision across the highs, mids and lows
  • The DJM-250MK2 comes with it's own dedicated Sound Colour FX filter
  • FREE License key for rekordbox dvs included

Product Features

  • CLEAR LAYOUT & MAGVEL FADERS:  The clear layout of the DJM-250MK2’s lower half gives you freedom to perform complicated scratch techniques. Pioneer DJ's robust Magvel Faders ensure smooth control over long-term use. 2 metal shafts support the fader knobs, while the contact-free magnetic system is designed to endure millions of movements.
  • SMOOTH MIXING:  Precise, fluid mixes are a breeze using the mixer’s channel faders, and the 3-band isolators give precision across the highs, mids and lows. You can use them to totally eliminate each frequency range when you turn the knob all the way to the left.
  • FLAGSHIP FILTER FX:  Each channel comes with its own dedicated Sound Color FX filter, a feature inherited from the DJM-900NXS2 mixer. Simply turn the knob on each channel to apply the filter, Twist the parameter knob for texture, playing with resonance and tension.
  • BUILT IN USB SOUND CARD:  Connect the DJM-250MK2 to your PC/Mac using a single USB cable. The USB connection supports sound input and output, so you can record your mixes to your computer’s hard drive.
  • REKORDBOX DJ BUNDLED:  You get a free rekordbox dj licence key bundled with this mixer. Simply activate your licence key for Pioneer DJ's DJ software, connect to your computer via USB, and start DJing.
  • REKORDBOX DVS BUNDLED:  You also get a free licence key for rekordbox dvs included in the box for low-latency scratching with CDJs and XDJs. Or play and scratch with tracks from your rekordbox library using analogue turntables and the Control Vinyl (sold separately).
  • HIGH QUALITY SOUND:  Hear the true, high-quality sound of your tracks whether you’re playing from digital or analogue sound sources thanks to the mixer’s dithering technology.
  • TWO HEADPHONE OUTPUTS:  The DJM-250MK2 lets you plug both an ¼-inch stereo jack and 3.5-mm mini jack. Pick your size or attach 2 headphones when playing back-to-back.
  • INDEPENDENT MIC SECTION:  Use a microphone and the AUX input at the same time.
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY:  The XLR terminal and RCAs deliver premium sound quality on all connections. And the signal GND terminal easily attaches ground wires from analogue turntables.

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