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Waystone -

Waystone -

  • Format: 12" Vinyl
  • Cat No: MEDIC84
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A1 Whiney The Capital 4:31
A2 Inja, Whiney Mission (feat. Inja) 4:13
A3 Keeno, Whiney Spheres (feat. Keeno & Pippa Violets) 4:52
B1 Lakeway, Degs, Whiney The Edge (feat. Lakeway & Degs) 4:02
B2 Whiney Slingshot 3:53
B3 Whiney Doin' It For Time (feat. Kwam) 3:40
B4 Whiney Fever 4:23
C1 Hugh Hardie, Truthos Mufasa, Whiney Triple Duppy Demon (feat. Hugh Hardie & Truthos Mufasa) 4:08
C2 Whiney Dismissed 3:48
C3 Whiney Darkest Night 2:37
C4 Whiney Notorious (feat. Sense MC) 3:53
D1 Whiney Virgo 5:22
D2 Whiney Shards (feat. Mr. Porter) 3:51
D3 Whiney Amulet 6:04

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