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Neon Dust

Neon Dust

  • Format: 12" Vinyl
  • Label: Hospital Records
  • Cat No: NHS441
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Released: 24 September 2021

3 x 12”

Melodic master and drum & bass extraordinaire Etherwood makes his album

debut on Hospital Records with his fourth long player, ‘Neon Dust’, following

on from the successes of his Med School works ‘In Stillness’, ‘Blue Leaves’, and


Across twenty tracks, expect signature liquid drum & bass and Etherwood’s own

vocal performances with a fusion of folk, rock, indie-pop, techno, downtempo

and ambient delights. Alongside his vast range of musical inspiration, Ether-

wood’s creativity is evoked through his free spirited mindset, exploring the

world in his converted van, dedicated to mindfulness and meditation.


  1. "Lighthouse (feat. Zara Kershaw)"
  2. "Fall Awake"
  3. "How You Went So Long"
  4. "Akasha"
  5. "Swans (feat. Sigrún Stella)"
  6. "Dhalia"
  7. "The Current (feat. DRS)"
  8. "They're Here"
  9. "Water In Your Veins"
  10. "Caliban"
  11. "I Will Wave To You"
  12. "Nebula (feat. Fred V)"
  13. "Belorama"
  14. "Follow The River (feat. Lily Budiasa)"
  15. "We Shine Amongst The Lights"
  16. "All Underwater (feat. Lily Budiasa)"
  17. "Light & Dark"
  18. "Okusha"
  19. "The Map Of My Inside World"
  20. "Into Oblivion"

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