Ulterior Motive Versus EP Part 1 – 12″ Vinyl by Ulterior Motive

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  • Ulterior Motive Versus EP Part 1 – 12″ Vinyl
  • Subtitles
  • September 2012
  • 96644
  • Vinyl
  • 12 inch
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Ulterior Motive – Ulterior Motive Versus EP Part 1 – 12″ Vinyl

Ulterior Motive Versus EP Part 1 Vinyl comes with full colour sleeve.Whether James Davidson and Greg Hepworth have an ulterior motive is debatable. Their motive, however, is unwavering, intentional and fortunately well received. Infiltrating the drum and bass scene in in the early noughties, the UK duo combined their hand-built studio with modern production methods allowing them to tap into a unique brand of high-tech basslines and fortified funk. The collaborations nearly always come around through friendships and mutual respect for what each other is about musically. Ulterior Motive Versus, which is a four track E.P featuring Lenzman, FD, Krakota, and HybrisThis ep has great support from Friction on his radio one show, DJ Hype on kiss Fm as well as great club support from Rockwell, Goldie, Phace, John B, S.P.Y etcWords c/o Jasmine Phull :http://www.skiddle.com

a Ulterior Motive & Lenzman – Catharsis
aa Ulterior Motive & Hybris – Bring Out

Ulterior Motive Versus EP Part 1 – 12″ Vinyl, Ulterior Motive, Subtitles

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