Monsters Grave / Soulfire – 12″ Vinyl by Bazil

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Track Listing

  • Monsters Grave / Soulfire – 12″ Vinyl
  • Alignment
  • September 2012
  • ALIGN006
  • 95414
  • Vinyl
  • 12 inch
  • 1

Bazil –

Monsters Grave / Soulfire – 12″ Vinyl

For the 6th release in the Alignment series we welcome Bazil to the fold with with his solo 12” featuring heavyweights from many sets over the last 12 months ‘Monsters Grave’ and ‘Soulfire’ featuring Vibronix.Bazil’s production is influenced by the nineties “tech-step” era, in particular the likes of early Virus, Ram and Subtitles, blended with his own unique sound that he has been progressively carving out since his early releases. His first solo EP was released on Basher’s “Proximity” imprint, and has further releases on cutting edge labels such as Ingredients, Dispatch, Hustle Audio as well as a second collaboration with Subterra on Nu Directions.DJ support from the likes of Break, Loxy, Baily, Ant TC1, Calyx, Survival, Subterra, Dose, Octane and DLR, Sabre, Vicious Circle to name a few… This is the first in a succession of 4 big releases from Alignment over the next 3 months!

a Bazil – Monsters Grave
b Bazil ft. Vibronix – Soulfire

Monsters Grave / Soulfire – 12″ Vinyl, Bazil, Alignment

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