Generation EP by Commix

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Track Listing

  • Generation EP
  • Metalheadz
  • April 2016
  • META036
  • 231298
  • Vinyl
  • 12 inch

* Commix is back and it’s a very welcome return. The duo were the most revered of the second wave Headz acts, they had cross genre appeal and the album 'Call To Mind' was universally acclaimed. The duo then went their separate ways and worked in other genres.

* Now Commix is back as the single production moniker of George Levings.

* Generation EP1 is a collection of tracks that were previously unavailable on vinyl and obviously very much in demand, we’re talking classics that are now immortalised on wax. Alongside SpectraSoul’s 'Justified Remix' and 'Painted Smile' we have 'Generation', a brand new track that is a return to form.

* We look forward to much more from Commix!

* Tracklist: a) Justified (SpectraSoul Remix), b1) Painted Smile, b2) Generation.

Generation EP, Commix, Metalheadz

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