Enchanter’ / ‘Thematic’ by Dabs & Nymfo / Dabs

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Track Listing

  • Enchanter’ / ‘Thematic’
  • Horizons Music
  • May 2016
  • HZN090
  • 231310
  • Vinyl
  • 12 inch


a) Enchanter, b) Thematic

* Over ten years in the game and with almost a century of releases under its belt from the likes of Alix Perez, June Miller, Need For Mirrors, Digital, Data and many more, Horizons look to Europe for their next installment fresh for Spring 2016.

* Hailing from Italy and the Netherlands respectively, Dabs and Nymfo have established themselves in recent years driving their polished productions through an array of labels including Dispatch, Critical and Metalheadz. Now joining forces they bring ‘Enchanter’ to Horizons, a dark brooding slice of tech-stepping drum & bass designed with one thing in mind.

* Keeping things in a similar vein Dabs goes solo on ‘Thematic’ as he drops a rolling break from the off before some driller-killer bass meets us and sends us deep into the rabbit hole. Watch this set a club alight, seriously monstrous drum & bass.

Enchanter’ / ‘Thematic’, Dabs & Nymfo / Dabs, Horizons Music

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